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First Aid Training

First Aid Training

What is First Aid?
First aid is the emergency care given to any person suffering from a serious illness or injury and prevents the condition from worsening,

What are First Aid Kits and its use?
A first aid kit is a collection of accessories and devices that are used to give medical treatment. First aid kits are necessary to treat diseases and injuries that may occur at home like Burns, Cuts, Strains, and Splinters etc. First aid kit can help to reduce the severity of the injury or spread of infection from the minor ailment to the more serious injury.

Common accessories in First Aid Kit:
1. A box of adhesive bandages.
2. Small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings.
3. At least 2 sterile eye dressings.
4. disposable sterile gloves
5. Crepe rolled bandages.
6. Antibiotic Ointment. 
7. Alcohol Swabs. 
8. Gauze Pads.
9. Medical Tape.

The main aims and principles of first aid :
1. Preserve life – to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare
2. Protect the casualty from further harm – To ensure the injured person is safe.
3. Provide pain relief – Use the ice packs to cool the swelling
4. Protect the unconscious. – Keep the patient warm in emergency till the arrival of medical help
5. Promote recovery – Airway, breathing, and circulation.
6. Prevent illness or injury from becoming worse.

Top 7 Benefits of First Aid Training For Employees
1. It can save lives. …
2. It can reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. …
3. It gives your employees confidence and clarity during an emergency. …
4. First aid kits are used properly. …
5. It can reduce recovery time. …
6. It can keep your employees safe outside of the workplace. …
7. It’s a great team-building exercise.

Items required in First Aid box at Work place
1. A leaflet on general first aid.
2. Medium sterile dressings
3. Large sterile dressings
4. Assorted plasters (relevant for the work area)
5. Triangular bandage
6. Safety pins (assorted)
7. Sterile eye pads.
8. Disposable gloves.

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