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FIRST AID AWARENESS PROGRAMMES (ONE DAY)           @ Rs:9999/- per person    BOOK My Seat
It is a Non Certificate programme. Basic first aid is taught in this programme , dealing with day to day routine accidents falls & simple illness including examination & CPR, wounds , fractures burns poisons & different bandages. Duration 5 to 6 hrs in two sessions.
FIRST AID CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME (TWO DAY / ONE DAY )     @ Rs:9999/- per person    BOOK My Seat
This is a detail First Aid programme which covers all emergencies in Industry, Road as well Household surroundings. Lot of emergencies accidents keep on happening , Candidates are trained to deal all such emergencies by Expert trainers with help of modern audio visual, appropriate Slides & Practical oriented & the candidates are awarded Government recognised Certificates. This particular Courses are mandatory to all Industries & Educational Institutes.
FIRST AID CERTIFICATE [ HIGHER LEVEL] @ Rs:9999/- per person    BOOK My Seat
This is a similar course only much more detailed & practical based & on site trainings. Here not only identifying & rectifying also there involvement of different mode of Transportation plus the Conventional Ambulance & its effectiveness is highlighted & Certification is Internationally recognised Institute.