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Emergency Services


A stretcher is a long piece of canvas with a pole along each side, which is used to carry an injured/sick person or moving patients who require medical care.

The folding stretchers allow the stretcher to be collapsed into a more compact form for easier handling or storage.
Some folding stretchers may even allow the patient to sit upright in a Fowler’s or Semi-Fowler’s position.


A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device used by people who find difficulty in walking due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.

Types of Wheel chairs:

There are two types of Wheelchairs. Powered Wheelchairs and Manually Propelled Wheelchairs.

In Power Wheelchairs the propulsion is provided by batteries and electric motors. In Manually Propelled Wheelchairs, the wheelchair user/occupant pushes the wheelchair by hand or the propulsive force is provided by an attendant pushing from the rear.

Ambu Bag/ Bag Valve Mask

Ambu Bag/ Big Valve Mask is a device is connected by tubing and non-breathing valve to provide positive pressure for artificial ventilation for a patient who is short of respiration.

High flow oxygen is attached to the system through a mask or tube which is placed over mouth and nose.